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Town halls, conferences and strategic meetings are a fantastic opportunity to align people and ideas. If you want a “festival of slide decks”, it’s not our thing. But if that’s what you’ve got and you want something different, that IS our thing! If you want engagement, discussion, creativity, intuition, and actionable outcomes, then yes, we can help… MORE

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“Our team just don’t talk to each other enough.” “I think I’m pretty good at communication, but for some reason I don’t get the results I expect.” Thanks for being honest and up-front. Let’s begin with understanding the situation,  then we can develop a plan to meet your outcomes and measure the success of change. That’ll be a good place to start. MORE…

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Like all of our engagements, our coaching has to be very good. Our coaches are chosen for their ability to relate to others and create a collaborative, communicative and supportive relationship that can produce positive results in life and business. Stuck? Avoiding something? Our coaching uncovers issues and answers from within.

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Additional Services

Draw Business Visuals

If you think “I can’t draw”, you’re wrong! Up to 85% of us think in pictures. Tap into your intuitive creativity and learn to develop your visual communication style with your own hand drawn icons, cartoon figures and structures to capture and share key information. In this energising and fun single day workshop discover your hidden Picasso and find a new way to communicate important themes and messages with your colleagues regardless of language and cultural barriers.

Virtual Facilitiation

How good are your virtual meetings? Because facilitating in the virtual space needs different skillsets, the chances are high that ‘best practice’ hasn’t arrived yet. Changehead can help. We’ll consult on your meeting outcomes and issues. We’ll design a robust and engaging virtual meeting agenda. We’ll facilitate your virtual group meeting and we will visually record the outputs as minutes. That way, you are involved as an equal in the discussion, rather than a referee/tech geek/timekeeper. And you emerge with a credibility boost for organising a well run meeting. Good job.

Whole Brain Thinking

The world‘s foremost thinking preference model, Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) online profiling tool gives you a deeper awareness of your own natural thinking patterns and an understanding of the impact that these preferences have when communicating with others and making decisions. Armed with this knowledge you’ll uncover ways to situationally shift your approach using ‘whole brain thinking’. You and your colleagues can improve the ability to influence and collaborate in a vast range of business related activities from business development and sales, through to strategic business planning and improvements in team work. Find out how your TEAM’S BRAIN is wired!

About Us

Our mission is to help you and your team to develop and practice effective communication with colleagues and clients.

  • Result Orientated Design and Execution
  • Interactive Workshops and Events
  • Sustainable Returns on Change

John Ogier


John created Changehead in 2005 to draw out new thinking in people and organisations. And stay human about it. Through communication workshops, coaching and creative meeting facilitation, Changehead clients get to experience new thinking that sparks positive change within individuals and their teams. To provide scale for larger or global engagements, our trusted collective of like-minded facilitators and skilled coaches deliver consistency, creativity and professionalism in equal measures. So you always know what you’re going to get. Result: New approaches to communicating and collaboration means more fulfilling experiences for staff, customers and stakeholders. Wins all round.

Put your thinking cap on

  • John, I really have to thank you for Wednesday’s training. I’ve been “winging” my facilitation for years, confident in my capabilities. And your session opened my eyes to the fact that there is a discipline to good facilitation, a discipline that I’d kind of forgotten. Yesterday was a huge success – for our company and for me personally, I really have to thank you.

    Tim O

    VP Consulting

  • Looking for someone professional, creative and outstanding ? Stop looking. John is the one. I got John to do visual notes for one of my sessions and the detail and creativity with which he captured it was amazing. So good that next time instead of myself, I should send his brilliant visual board ! When I meet someone who is fantastic at their work and a wonderful person then I have to recommend them and so John gets my vote as one of best there is.

    Dr. T. Gautam (PhD)

  • I have spoken to a number of the team members since the course and have received an overwhelming positive response. Thank you for making the course non-threatening for the team, I felt everyone was prepared to expose themselves to their peers for constructive criticism. I will follow up on your valuable comments in my next full team meeting and look forward to a follow up session.

    Jon McCall


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